BART Train Engine

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My three year old son loves trains. Every weekend we are visiting train museums or riding our local subway around town. He has just about every Thomas the Train and a small inventory of Chuggingtons. My New Year’s resolution is to bond with my son, since every other word out of his mouth contains “Mom”. I created a bunch of hand drawn BART trains for my son and he has been playing with them ever since. I decided to PhotoShop a BART train so if my son went Godzilla on them I would simply print out new ones.

My web skills are a bit rust so I decided to create this site for practice and share my Father and Son projects with you. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing “Daddy I Love You”. Hope you enjoy the journey….

I designed the BART train so a seven year old could assemble. Click the download button for a print ready file.




Step 1:  Download BartEngine.pdf and Print (Preferably in Color on Photo Paper)



 Step 2:  Cut the front of the Bart Engine and across the dotted line as shown



Step 3:  Fold paper across all the lines to form a box



Step 4:  Tape the small flange to the train’s bottom, creating a clean joint



Step 5:  Tape the bottom nose portion of the cab and fold over the excess



Step 6:  Tape the top nose portion, the train is DONE