BART Passenger Train

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My Second Post…

Here’s a quick and dirty way to construct passenger cars.  I did not build these with “end caps” for a couple of reasons, 1) Increases the skill level and 2) Added time.  I wanted to keep these projects to a skill level of a 7 year old.  I have another version with “end caps” and detachable connectors, I will post those in a couple of days.

Well let’s get started.  Download the .pdf file to you desktop by clicking on the download button below.  Printing from the browser creates a large margin around the document, so I recommend saving the file to your desktop.  I would print the file to a color printer on photo paper (glossy and a bit thicker).



Step 1: Download and Print .pdf file



Step 2:  Cut on the dotted line to remove excess paper.



 Step 3:  Fold on the solid lines as shown above.



Step 4:  Tape the train together to form a box, you just create a passenger train.